Mark Vend Has the Solution to Businesses Buying Bulk Products

Throughout Chicago there are all kinds of ways to save money in your daily life. For instance you could:

  • Eat rice and beans for every meal
  • Leave your car at home and walk the 10 miles to work
  • Only shower once a week
  • Never send another text message or connect to the web on your phone\
  • Purchase your snacks and beverages from a bulk store

You may think the last bullet point is out of place but the truth is that it’s just as pointless as the rest. Rice and beans may save money but eventually you’ll want variety and a well balanced diet. You could walk 10 miles to work but the amount of time lost would cost more than your cost of gas. Well….you get the point.

Purchasing from bulk stores may seem like a convenient way to save money but the truth is in the long run the cost is greater than your savings. What do you lose?

  • Variety of snacking and beverage options, including healthier items
  • Employee time – employees who were hired to focus on key aspects of your Chicago business now are wasting valuable time ordering and stocking products
  • Employee safety – heavy cases of soda can result in workman’s comp claims

Say goodbye to lost time and wages and hello to convenience by purchasing your snacks and beverages from Mark Vend in Chicago instead. What you’ll gain:

  • Large variety of snacks including organics, vegan and gluten-free options
  • Time – Mark Vend can work with you on customizing a menu specific to your needs. Snack racks and coolers will be refilled automatically, saving you on time ordering and stocking
  • Fewer workmen’s comp claims – let our trained drivers throughout Chicagoland assume the risks of heavy lifting
  • Free snack racks and reach in coolers

With our competitive pricing you have so much to gain and nothing to lose. Call Mark Vend today at (847) 291-9216 to discuss the ways we can save you time, money and energy while keeping your employees fed, healthy and happy.

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