Does Your Chicago Vending Provider Take the Quality of Their Food Seriously?

According to the word “code” can be defined as

“A system used for brevity or secrecy of communication, in which arbitrary chosen words, letters or symbols are assigned definite meanings.”

Codes can be great in engineering or when sending classified information across enemy lines, but codes only work when sender and receiver understand the meaning.

When it comes to the food we purchase, expiration dates are codes, using letters and numbers to inform consumers when to eat a product by. It seems simple enough but when bevmax3dates on packages can mean a plethora of things including:

  • Expiration date
  • Best by date
  • Best enjoyed by date
  • Manufactured date
  • Sell by date
  • Born on date
  • Guaranteed fresh til date
  • Use by date
  • Pack date

It can get a little confusing.

frozen_2_medWhen it comes to the food and beverages supplied by your local Chicago vending company, the vending service providers should take the freshness of their products and the health of their customers seriously. Many vending companies are hoping to work with NAMA (the National Automatic Merchandising Association) on unifying codes on food and beverage packaging to make it a little less confusing for us all.

Another definition of “code” is

“any set of standards set forth and enforced by a local government agency for the protection of public safety, health,etc.”

At Mark Vend, we realize expiration dates and all the synonyms there of are in place for a good reason (your health), and we take every measure to make sure your safety is priory #1. We guarantee that our food is always fresh. Call Mark Vend today at (847) 291-9216.

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