Look Out! It’s Coming…The New Pepsi Interactive Vending Machines!

According to Forbes.com some of the most popular holiday gift hits for 2012 included:  televisions, clothes, tablets, single cup coffee machines, and Barbie (yes, the girl’s still got it). Not so surprisingly Pepsi 20oz bottles didn’t make the list. However, with new Pepsi vending machines showing up in malls across America they might make it onto Forbes list for 2013.

Pepsi is launching a state-of-the-art interactive vending machine in 5 malls in 5 states across the country including: South Carolina, Oregon, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Thru this vending machine you’ll be able to send a gift to a family member, friend, co-worker, etc. simply by purchasing a beverage and then choosing to “send” it to the lucky person’s email. Here they’ll receive a promo code that they can redeem at any Pepsi Interactive Vending machine.

But more than a standard vending machine, where regular thirsty patrons can grab a drink and more than a fun way to send a special treat to your favorite person, these interactive vending machines will also act as games where mall patrons can use the interactive touch screen to compete against each other for a free beverage. However if you want to play you first have to purchase a standard 20oz beverage (it’s just like playing at an arcade except for this time your quarters give you a prize before you play).

So let’s recap. These interactive beverage vending machines are: beverage dispensers, gift givers and gamer units. But wait. There’s still more.

In addition to all that’s listed above the machine’s on demand viewing unit will play Pepsi commercials, other promotions and nutritional information for Pepsi beverages with the touch of the screen.

Realistic mobile phone with blank screen isolated on white backgFinally if your phone dies while shopping you’ll be able to go to the Pepsi Interactive Vending machine for help. No, it doesn’t act as a phone (don’t be silly) but it does have specialty AC power outlets and USB ports so that patrons can charge their mobile devices directly from the machine.

These beverage vending machines are still in a pilot launch so vending companies will not be able to deliver them at your place of business any time soon. But you should call Mark Vend and ask about the ways they are advancing their technology capabilities and what social media outlets Mark Vend offers.  Mark Vend might not have a machine that acts as a TV, game system, charging unit, nutritional advisor, but they are sure to have state-of-the-art vending machines that meet your break room needs. Call Mark Vend today at (847) 291-9216.

If you’d like to read more on these state-of-the-art machines you can view more information at www.pepsiinteractivevending.com

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