Does Your Chicago Vending Service Offer the Latest In Technology?

2012 introduced the ipad3, the ipad mini, iphone5, the world’s slimmest digital camera, designer 3D glasses, laptops that can flip to notebooks and security systems that can be controlled remotely thru smartphones. As exciting as these things are they don’t even begin to comprise the entire tip of the iceberg of technological advancements that made up 2012.

You may wonder why a blog on technology is the topic for Chicago’s vending service, but the truth is just as one man’s step on the moon was a step for all mankind, advancement for MAC (or any other software/technology company) has been advancement for all, including Mark Vend. As technology becomes more and more prominent in today’s world, vending throughout Chicago refuses to be left behind. Take a look at a few of the major advancements made in the worlds of technology and vending in 2012:

Payment Options Credit/Debit card readers and bill recyclers now make it possible for people to purchase a snack/beverage without digging thru their office desk for spare change.  With larger bills being accepted and the endless funds that come with credit, customers can now make multiple selectionss on one transaction. And now that change is no longer a constraint vending companies can also offer higher end products that may have been too costly before.

Telemetry – With the use of WIFI/remote monitoring vendors can know exactly what has sold and what needs replenished throughout businesses in Chicago. The benefits: your machines are always filled with the products you love while your Chicago Vending Service sends out more efficient routes as man time and gas costs are lowered.

Touchscreens – Allow consumers to view nutrition facts before making a purchase, sometimes offering a 3D view of the product. In addition to aiding in educated purchasing decisions, touchscreens are also creating a more interactive experience between consumer and vending machine where customers can engage with other customers and even gift purchases to friends.

Social Media – Now you can use your phone for so much more than placing a service call including, purchasing product, gifting products, checking nutrition facts and sharing your experience on social networks like Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter.

These are just a few of the technological advancements made in the vending industry, and leave out (due to space) things like warehouse advancements such as Lightspeed picking systems that aid in pre-kitting. But it’s enough to show that technology is not a guest in the vending world but a permanent resident. If you have any questions about the items listed above, contact Chicago’s leading Vending Provider, Mark Vend at (847) 291-9216 and see where they‘re at in implementing these technologies.

For more information on the technological advancements made in the vending industry in 2012 visit and look up the article “A New Day A New Year,” the original article where these advancements were first noted.


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