With Advanced Technology and Great Leadership Mark Vend Leads the Pathway to Unmatched Customer Service Throughout Chicagoland and Beyond!

Edgar L. joined Mark Vend Co in Chicago in 1999 as a route driver and is now the Route Supervisor, overseeing the movement of all the trucks and drivers.

In the 13 years that he has been at Mark Vend, Edgar has seen the many advances in technology that helps maintain the steady flow by the route drivers to service the vending machines.  He relies on a sophisticated computer system powered by Cantaloupe which tells him in real time where the drivers are and what is in each vending machine that they are going to service.

Edgar plans the driver’s routes each day and is responsible for checking that all of the vending machines are stocked with product, which is controlled from his desk computer.  The drivers are also in contact with him via wireless telephone.

In a case where a vending machine malfunctions (which does happen from time to time!) he is able to redirect a driver to immediately go to the client to fix the problem.  This makes Mark Vend Co proactive and efficient and keeps our clients extremely happy.

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