Looking for Alternative Solutions When In Need of Energy? Mark Vend Offers Chicago Businesses All Natural Beverages Just When You Need It!

Mark Vend offers Chicago businesses more than candy and soda pop in our vending machines.  We are moving towards offering more healthy alternatives in line with today’s calorie counting customers. We offer a new range of refreshing and natural drinks by Solixir, a local company in Evanston, Illinois and founded by Scott Lerner who was looking for an alternative healthy drink.  Each beverage contains only 30mg of natural caffeine, enough to give you the get up and go properties without the buzz of coffee.

Solixir utilizes all natural ingredients to provide immunity support, relaxation, and gentle energy. No sugar is added to their formulas and the drinks’ efficacy comes from specific combinations of botanicals and others:

  • Ginseng,  promotes yin energy, cleans excess yang and calms the body
  • Ginger, consumed as a delicacy, medicine, or spice.,
  • Angelica, amongst other properties for the treatment of illnesses such as headaches, relieving nasal obstruction, detoxification of the blood,
  • Pomegranate, the whole fruit is used for a variety of medicinal purposes and is a powerful anti-oxidant
  • Dandelion., used to treat infections and liver problems.

Solixir comes in three flavors Awaken, Restore, and Relax.  If you would like to have these nutritional drinks included in your Chicago vending machine, call Mark Vend Company today at (847) 291-9216.

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