• Customized for you.

    From consulting on breakroom design to sourcing local roasts, Mark Vend does office coffee better than anyone in Chicagoland.

  • Coffeehouse quality.

    Bad office coffee is a thing of the past. Mark Vend supplies you with beans so fresh and machines so robust you’ll feel like a barista.

  • Something for everyone.

    We don’t stop at coffee. Choose from a host of teas, sparkling and flavored waters, bulk snacks, fresh fruit, even lunch delivery.

    Barista Coffee

    Barista Coffee

    Plain old coffee is not enough in today’s café-crazed culture. Employees want options, and Mark Vend delivers them: a full range of espresso drinks, chai lattes, the most popular brands of gourmet coffee, even brews custom blended for your company. Kiss those afternoon jaunts to Starbucks goodbye!

    Pot Brewing

    Big pots for big meetings.

    By the carafe or two-gallon thermal dispenser, you can brew for five, fifty or a hundred and fifty. No problem. And we can work with catering managers and office service teams to provide beverages for any size meeting.

    Single Serve

    To each his (or her) own.

    Single cup brewers offer individual choice without the waste associated with pot brewing. And Mark Vend supplies every option your team could want, from coffee and tea to hot chocolate and cider. We set up the machine and keep it stocked; all you do is load the pod, press the button and enjoy.

    Choose a Kuerig or Flavia machine, and we can fill it with the brands you like best: Alterra, Bigelow, Bright Tea, Café Bustelo, Caribou, Celestial Seasonings, Donut Shop, Dove, Dunkin’ Donuts, Eight O’Clock, Gloria Jean’s, Green Mountain, Jet Fuel, Newman’s Own, Peet’s, Segafredo, Starbucks and Tully.

    Go ahead… indulge your team.

    Cold Brew

    Give ’em what they want.

    Cold brew coffee on tap is taking the world by storm — don’t get left behind! Mark Vend can set your workplace up with a kegerator and keep it filled with Stumptown, Limitless, Blue and other favorite brands.

    Coffee Brands

    Premium beans for premium brew.

    From our popular Office Java house blends to local and national brands, Mark Vend stocks the beans your employees love most:

    Chicago office coffee service

    Alterra · Asado · Big Shoulders · Bridgeport · Caffé Umbria · Coffee People · Crop to Cup · Gloria Jean’s · Green Mountain · Intelligentsia · Nespresso · Peet’s · S&D · Seattle’s Best · Starbucks · Stumptown

    Or how about your own custom roast? Let’s discuss the possibilities!


    Options galore.

    For tea devotees, Mark Vend sources a wide range of loose-leaf and bag teas, including regular and decaf, black, green and herbal in a variety of favorite brands:

    Chicago beverage vending machines

    Bigelow · Bright Tea · Celestial Seasonings · China Mist · Harney & Sons · Lipton · Mighty Leaf · Numi · Tazo

    Coca-Cola Freestyle

    Soda’s never looked this good

    Finally, a way to please everyone without endlessly stocking bottles and cans. Mark Vend is one of the first companies in the area to offer this modern soda fountain, which offers 125+ beverage options from one source.

    • User-friendly, self-serve touch screen
    • Wide selection of soft drinks and flavors, allowing customers to create their own mixes - for example, Diet Seagram’s ginger ale with vanilla
    • Over 80 exclusive brands, 70+ low- and no-calorie brands, 90+ caffeine-free brands
    • Dispenses ice, plus filtered and sparkling waters
    • Ideal for high traffic locations

    The Coca-Cola Freestyle was designed to appeal to millennials, so — of course — there’s an app for it.


    Water with a twist.

    This freestanding machine serves up still and sparkling water — all chilled and filtered in over 100 flavors. Drink them on their own or play with combinations.

    Sweetened: Blueberry cucumber, citrus berry, orange mango, kiwi strawberry, lemon lime, pomegranate.

    Unsweetened: Raspberry, cucumber, lemon, lime mint, peach

    This healthy alternative to soda is also good for the environment: The fill station accepts almost any reusable container, from a commuter cup to a sports bottle.

    Chilled Filtered Water

    Ditch the plastic.

    It’s time to retire the disposable bottles and bulky water cooler jugs. Mark Vend’s elegant, eco-friendly water dispensers keep your team hydrated and the planet happy. They also free up storage space.


    The ViTap delivers filtered chilled, sparkling and hot water from a sleek, European-designed tap. With three models offering five dispensing options, the tap fits a wide range of glasses, pitchers and bottles. A power-saving option adds to its ecological benefits.


    The ION™ Bottleless Water Cooler transforms tap into pure water at the touch of a button, serving up still, sparkling or hot water. The compact machine fits on most countertops. Because water quality varies by location, filters can be customized to the level of treatment required.


    When room temperature won’t do.

    Beverage vending machines in Chicago

    It’s not sexy, but when you want it, you want it. Mark Vend’s ice machines drop the cubes right into your glass — no messy, unsanitary scooping. We install and maintain the machines for a worry-free experience.

    Bulk Snacks

    Feeling peckish?

    Need a little something with that afternoon joe? Expand your office coffee service to include trail mix, granola, salty snacks and other bulk treats. Fresh fruit and energy drinks are available, too — all fresh and refilled as needed. We take care of everything.

    Coffee Supplies

    How do you like it?

    Office coffee services in Chicago

    Once the coffee is poured, the possibilities are endless. We stock you with cream and sugar, creamers, sweeteners, flavored syrups — the works. Brands include Carnation, Coffeemate, International Delight, Sugar in the Raw, Splenda, Truvia and Equal. And, of course, cups, sleeves, lids and stirrers.

    Paper Goods

    Sustainable supplies.

    Paper Goods

    In keeping with Mark Vend’s commitment to sustainability, we can supply you with Ecotainer cups, plates, utensils and napkins — all recyclable and made from recycled paper and plastic.

    Cleaning Supplies

    Eco-friendly cleanup.


    Mark Vend helps you further green your business by stocking Seventh Generation glass and surface cleaner, dishwashing soap and dishwasher detergent. All are non-toxic; free of perfumes, dyes, chlorine and phosphates; and 100% biodegradable.

    Online Ordering

    Need to restock? Easy peasy.

    With Mark Vend’s user-friendly online ordering system, replenishing your office coffee and supplies is quick and easy.

    • Your account information is easily accessible within a secure online setting.
    • Integrated ordering allows you to re view, change and place orders for multiple locations at once.
    • The system remembers your previous order and also offers a recurring order option, saving you time.

    You can also browse our online product list for new offerings.

    It’s your custom beverage program.

    You pick the products and delivery method, and we make sure it’s satisfying and seamless. Contact us to talk about the options.