Cashless Market

A perk for your team.

Give your staff a little something extra with a cashless pantry. It's essentially a market subsidized by you as a benefit to your employees. Treat your people to the snacks they like plus fresh fruit and hot and cold beverages — anything they crave, all without leaving the building.

Bulk Snacks

When hunger pangs hit.

Need a nosh to get you through the afternoon? We can stock your cashless market with trail mix, granola, salty snacks and other bulk treats — all fresh and refilled as needed.

Fresh Fruit

Nutritious and delicious.

With healthy eating on the rise, traditional snacks no longer suffice. Your pantry can feature fresh fruit, veggies and whatever your team needs to stay fueled and alert. Go ahead… indulge your team.


Drinks all around!

Cashless pantry service in Chicago

Mark Vend's entire office coffee program is available for cashless market as well. Espressos and lattes, teas of all persuasions, sparkling waters and juices — we've got it all. We can supply your favorite local beans or even a roast custom-blended for your company.

Stocking & Reporting

Refilling is a breeze.

Mark Vend stocks you with plenty of product to refill your pantry as needed. Plus, we visit on a set schedule to deliver fresh items, check your inventory and replenish your supply. Our system monitors consumption, and provides detailed reporting.

Want to treat your team?

Contact us and we'll show you how.