What Does it Take to Make Your Vending Machine Work?

We often take everyday tasks for granted and don’t think what is happening inside the vending machine so you can receive your tasty snack or cold beverage.  Have you ever thought what happens behind the scenes when you press the button to select your purchase?  Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as a little man inside pushing out that packet of chips or candy bar or filling up your cup of coffee?

The setting up of a vending machine takes many hands, all working together to deliver your favorite bag of chips!

The first task is to plan what merchandise is going to be positioned in the machines.  That plan-o-gram is then given to the technicians who start building the machine from the inside out.  Simply put –

  • The shelves and spirals are positioned.
  • The cash and credit card systems are set.
  • The graphics on the outside are positioned.
  • The machine is filled with your favorite products.
  • For a coffee vending machine, the machine is prepared and filled with all of the necessary components to make a delicious cup of Joe or hot tea.
  • The vending options are finally stringently tested.

After many hours of testing, vending machines are placed on location to better serve their employees and/or customers. So, the next time you push the select button to enjoy your favorite mid morning snack or drink your favorite hot or cold beverage, remember there is more behind the product then what you just see!

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