Chicago’s New Calorie Count Vending Progam

When you think of a strong community throughout Chicagoland, what comes to mind; playgrounds, lots of trees, firefighters who bring cats out of those trees, strong school systems, neighbors who care about each other, low calorie drinks from a vending machine?

The later might seem a little out of place but according to San Antonio’s Mayor Julian Castro, “The most important aspect of any community is its quality of life and one essential ingredient [to that quality of life] is healthy living.” It’s his belief that “everyone has a role to play in making our communities healthier,” and because of this he is proud that his city is one of the first to be a part of the Calories Count Vending Program spear headed by the American Beverage Association.

Through this program large beverage distributors (Coca-Cola, the Dr Pepper Snapple Group and PepsiCo) are working with government leaders and vendors to offer low-calorie beverage options in machines and to educate at the point of purchase about making healthier choices.

In 2013 municipal buildings in Chicago and San Antonio will be the first to launch the Calories Count Vending Program. The vending machines in these locations will get make-overs that include:

  • An increase in low calorie beverage options
  • Labels on the machine that encourage consumers to “check [the calorie count] then choose”
  • Calorie labels on each of the selection buttons, making checking before choosing an option.

As the year goes on it is anticipated that the program will spread throughout the country, not just at government properties but anywhere vending is offered.

If you would like your vending machines to be part of the movement in the Chicago area, talk to Mark Vend about making the necessary changes to your vending program.   Although we might not be the ones you call when Snowball is stuck in the tree, Mark Vend still cares about your well being and understands the importance of  helping communities throughout Chicago be healthy.

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