Cantaloupe Seed Platform Designed to Make the Vending Industry Throughout Chicago More Efficient

For over 30 years vending operators throughout Chicago ran their vending business on seed_1 intuition, making guesses on what product they’d need in their warehouse and on their trucks. Although educated guesses based on past sales or market trends they were guesses all the same, guesses that resulted often in wasted product, half full vending machines and unsatisfied consumers.  That was until Cantaloupe Systems replaced guesswork with science.

Cantaloupe’s Seed Platform enables:

  • Dynamic scheduling
  • Cashless payments
  • Accurate pre-kitting
  • Intelligent merchandising
  • Sales accountability
  • Instant machine alerts

seed_device_hiresAnd with its system in the clouds, accurate real time data can be collected from anywhere there’s an internet connection. And because each machine has its own Seed device installed you can rest assured that your vending machines will never be overlooked.

Cantaloupe’s Seed Platform was designed to make the vending industry more efficient. Operators using the Seed Platform:

  1. Average $35,000 in annual savings per route
  2. Can replenish 80% more machines per week
  3. Can reduce their carbon footprint by 40% through elimination of unnecessary truck travel

In short, Chicago vendor’s who are using this system are more efficient, more financially responsible and more eco-friendly. Pair yourself with Chicago’s leading Full Service Vending Provider. Mark Vend and know that data, not guesswork is managing your break room. Call today at (847) 291-9216!

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